The Alien Show
The corporative party with aliens participation is the most amazing event for your guests. The Alien-Show its heroes from fantastic science fictions such as : Star Wars, The Fifth Element and Men in Black, pyrotechnics and special effects, songs of galactic stars, the freak-show, animation and go-go, the program with action elements (the aliens reanimation and the battle between Mars-spiders), space ballet and space music, space make-up and even striptease of alien-girls.

We make our show according to the customer wishes. The most breath-taking moment is the Diva Plavalagunas performance and trio Singing medusas, the concerts of alien-saxophonist and space violinist, the orchestra of humanoids and futuristic defile, fireworks and cosmic cobweb, moreover incredible body-art and decorations in space post-punk style. Performances are arranged in clubs and private parties.

Installations. Any performance can be stylized due to The Fifth Element, Star Wars or Kin-dza-dza. Famous movie stars such as: the master Yodo, Diva Plavalaguna, Leeloo, Aelita, as well as monsters, humanoids, cosmonauts and space pirates will congratulate guests with this festival. Participants of the installation are: actors, musicians, presenters, barmen, waiters and even guests of the party.
Moscow, RUSSIA

+7 916-534-30-33

Hosted by uCoz